You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen it’s shadow from the sky
— Amelia Earhart

UpintheAir Iowa believes in a world of 4K video footage and great storytelling behind each video frame. We work with a wide range of concepts and our clients showcase our diverse and unique portfolio. Anyone can fly a drone, but not everyone understands the fundamentals of aerial filming and photography  We'd love to show the world what you see!



Flood 2019 Davenport, Iowa


Photos Taken By: UpintheAir Iowa 

Our Latest Work!


When it comes to working with realtors, we offer you the most affordable options. Starting at $150 (For residential properties ranging from $100 to $250K price range only), includes a 4K footage, 30 to 45 second edited video of the real estate property and your edited video 24 hours after filming. Real Estate aerial drone services done fast and simple. 

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Perfect for Rural Properties

Rural Properties

What could take hours

Streams, paths and unseen terrain features can all be easily displayed with aerial drone videography and photography. 3D Mapping, land surveying and site planning photography are available as well. We also enjoy the occasional farm photos and samples of our past work can be sent upon request. 


UpintheAir Iowa Commercial Real Estate Photo

Commercial Property

Commercial Properties 

larger than the Eye Can See. 

Commercial sized real estate properties containing multiple buildings, yards and even locations aren't easily summed up with a few traditional photos. Our aerial drone photographers and videographer capturing all the highlights on the property, future lanes of traffic, parking and much more. Perfect for any buyer looking at properties with specific needs. 

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Past Videography Projects

Commercial Production

Real Estate

TV/Movie Production

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Past Clients

• Flood Control America/ Trade Show Videography and Editing

• Midwest Complete Construction/ Trade Show Videography & Editing

• PBS Wild/ Videography